Original high definition audio and image files many times larger than those made freely available online.

High resolution files are downloadable immediately following payment processed by Paddle (PayPal and Cards), and are delivered as .zip files that are easily uncompressed on Windows and Apple devices.

Prices displayed on the Art Lover VIP website are in US$ and include tax which is calculated according to your country and state of origin during the checkout process. You will not be surprised by an additional charge!

Enjoy Art & Music In Their Pristine Form...

The Difference Between Free and Paid Art and Music

When visitors to Public Art World and other publications associated with Art Lover VIP listen to music, they hear optimised MP3 files so they are more easily streamed. For an MP3 that is around 10MB, the equivalent high definition file is 60MB and contains far more audio information providing a richer listening experience. Depending on the original size of the artwork, the high definition image files are not only five to ten times as large as those viewed freely online, they are also saved at the highest possible resolution and quality. The free eBook is around 35MB, the premium eBook is over 100MB. Premium downloads are therefore very large as compared with their online counterparts.

Premium Downloads sustain the free availability of art, music and more, free and for all.

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