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    Through art we meet, we discuss, we debate what it is to be human, what it is that drives us apart, and what it is that brings us together.




Art for All

Art is an intrinsic part of human experience, not an accessory to daily existence. Art is essential to live well.

Public Art: art in all its forms that is freely accessible.



Mike de Sousa

I began creating public art in 1982 and have worked in a variety of fields including music, visual art, language, photography, dance, and design. My work is serious, family friendly, and created for a broad audience. Among those who have praised my work are the author Alan Bennet, the composer Michael Berkley, the art critic Jonathan Jones, and the publishers Bloomsbury, Picador, and Secker and Warburg. My evolving retrospective is available at 100 Artworks, and a comprehensive index of my art is available at My Creative Estate. My core website acts as a jumping off point for my online publications that enjoy over half a million visitors each year without promotion or advertising of any kind.

Visit 100 Artworks  Visit My Creative Estate  Visit mikedesousa.com

Gifted In Perpetuity Art For All

I was shown kindness and generosity as a child when I was cared for by my two aunts who became my guardians. That experience instilled in me the importance of giving,

Millions have enjoyed my artwork, music, and writing freely online for twenty years and I wish to put in place a foundation that will continue this in perpetuity. As I have not profited from my creative output I do not have the means to achieve this myself, and I am therefore seeking the support of a philanthropist to partner with me in this aim.

STAGE ONE Establish a foundation to ensure my existing work will continue to be made freely available.

STAGE TWO Support the commission of new public artworks.

STAGE THREE Develop high quality merchandise (books, calendars, cards etc.) while maintaining the principle of free access to public art. All profits will be ploughed back into The Public Art Foundation.

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Why Support Mike?

Reasons to support Mike and The Foundation for Public Art:

Proven Record ~ I have created public art since 1982.
High Quality ~ I have a reputation for excellence.
Accessibility ~ I create artworks that appeal to a broad audience.
Variety ~ I create visual art, music, photography, fiction, and poetry.
Focus on The Short Form ~ My work is easily experienced.
Integrity ~ Personal integrity is at the heart of my creative work.

Crowd Review

The music 'The Sun Shines' at the top of this page has been reviewed by a blind audience of two hundred people who placed the piece in the 97th percentile of all music analyzed by ReverbNation's review service which has conducted over six and a half million reviews and counting.

ReverbNation is a website for music artists and composers, hosts its own charts, and offers marketing and streaming services to its members.

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